Urban Photography: A Beginner’s Guide


Urban Photography Is A Commentary On Life 


Urban Photography 1.jpg
Urban Photography: The Astra Building in Middelburg, Mpumalanga.


To better understand what urban photography is, you need to see the world through the eyes of other people. What will foreigners see if they visited your town today?

If a visitor from Mars came to your city, what will they see?

Adopt the role of a tour guide and show people what you want them to see in your neighbourhood. You can show them the landmarks, the museums and other “attractive” places.

Urban photography allows you to show people what your town or city looks like. Unlike a tour guide, an urban photographer seeks to show more than what the tourism authorities prefer to showcase.

Urban photography depicts the good, the bad and the ugly in any given place. It is not only concerned with the aesthetics of urban architecture or landscapes.

It also documents the decay or decaying state of a town. It documents the vibe and notoriety of a city or neighbourhood.


 Urban Photography Is About People And Their Surroundings


It covers various photographic genres, including but not limited to, Landscapes, Documentary, Macro, Architecture, Fashion and Street Photography.

Like tourism, urban photography is subjective.

As an urban photographer I will show you what I choose to photograph and not necessarily what you want to see. You will love some of the images that depict my town as I see it.

You will equally loath or be disgusted by other photos that I decide to showcase.

In your role as a tour guide, what do you choose to show your visitors? And if you had a camera with you in a foreign country or town, what are the things that you will photograph as souvenirs? What are the cultural shocks or differences that you want to highlight?

Urban photography seeks to do just that. To document what you see – the good, the bad and the ugly.


26 Examples of Urban Photography


The following photos are examples of urban photography:


Municipal Offices Gardens 1.jpg
Municipal Offices Gardens


Urban Photography 2.jpg
“Constuction” Begins Here


Urban Photography 3.jpg
Judgement Day


Urban Photography 4.jpg


Urban Photography 5.jpg


Urban Photography 7.jpg


Urban Photography 8.jpg


Urban Photography 9.jpg


Urban Photography 10.jpg
Old Railway Building


Urban Photography 11.jpg
Old Church


Urban Photography 12.jpg
Big Screen Television


Urban Photography 14.jpg
Security Guard


Urban Photography 15.jpg
Antique Door


Urban Photography 16.jpg
Train Ride


Urban Photography 17.jpg


Urban Photography 18.jpg


Urban Photography 19.jpg


Urban Photography 20.jpg
National Flags


Urban Photography 21.jpg
Fire Tower


Urban Photography 22.jpg


Urban Photography 23.jpg



Urban Photography 25.jpg
Meijer Bridge


Urban Photography 26.jpg
All Star


Urban Photography 28.jpg


Urban Photography 29.jpg


What’s your take on urban photography?

Do you find it more appealing and less scary than street photography?

Would you rather shoot urban instead of street photography?

Please leave a comment and keep the conversation going.

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