How to take photos just for fun: Shoot the Shooters!

Take photos fun.


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Take photos fun – Photography is a fun hobby

Taking photos is fun. Photography is a fun hobby.

Increase your enjoyment of this pastime by shooting those who spend most of their time shooting or photographing other people. Yes, I mean those who take photos like you do. Shoot them. With your camera, of course! Take Photos Fun.

In this blog post I’m going to share with you the photos of photographers on duty. I had great fun taking these pictures and hope that you’ll find them interesting and hopefully learn how to have fun taking photos of other shooters.

Did you take any photos today? If so, was it for fun or for profit?


Most of us take photos for fun. And we’re always looking for photo opportunities where we can just click away!

I use my smart phone to take photos during the week. On weekends I prefer to take out my most prized toy. The real camera. There are many advantages to shooting with a real camera than when you use your cellphone.

The image quality to start with is great when compared with that of a cellphone camera. My smartphone cannot zoom, or at least, I don’t know how to use the zoom function. Another thing that I really enjoy when using a camera instead of a phone is the ability to use the burst mode. I just love the machine-gun-like sound my camera makes when shooting in this continuous mode.

But ultimately it doesn’t matter what you shoot with. As long as you get the opportunity shoot. Go ahead and capture those rare moments.

As a street photographer living in one of the townships in South Africa, I enjoy shooting people when they least expect it.

Candid photography makes me happier than old-fashioned, posed snapshots. You know the ones I’m talking about.

In South African Black communities we used to have a family album. It contained pictures of our loved ones during happier times like birthday parties, get-together, weddings and so on and so forth.

One dominant feature of these albums was the awkwardness with which people would pose. Some simply stood still like statues. Others looked like they don’t know what to do with their hands. A few would make gestures or fake a smile. Photographers in those days would just say ‘smile’. Or they would ask you to say ‘cheese’ and then click the shutter. Boring stuff, if you ask me.

Which is why I mostly prefer to shoot the streets. Shooting the streets has its own problems or challenges. First of all you’re not guaranteed a subject. I mean you’re not sure if there will be someone worth shooting. So you’re constantly on the watch, searching for suitable subjects.

Another challenge presented by street photography is the way people react when they see you with a camera. People just don’t know how to behave or react when they see you with a camera.

Oddly enough, this also applies to those of us who enjoy photographing others. Yes, a photographer on the other side of the camera is a totally different person from the one who shoots or captures images of other people.


Do you like being photographed? How do you react when someone takes your picture? And, if that person is unknown to you, how do you feel?

I find this phenomenon of watching photographers cringe when being photographed very entertaining indeed. I find it particularly amusing when a street photographer or a journalist dislikes being photographed.

It’s ironic isn’t it?

Here is someone who cherishes the idea and opportunity to shoot freely and yet becomes dumbstruck when the shoe is on the other foot.

You can have great fun by focusing your camera or phone to the shooters themselves. Shoot them and see how they react. I for one find it rather unsettling to be photographed. I mean you should look at some of my photos where I was the subject. I simply don’t know how to pose.

Sometimes I get confused about the ‘look’ I want to portray. I also worry too much about the shooter’s intention. What ‘look’ does he or she want?

How do you react in front of a camera? Do you like being photographed?


I think we photographers should set a good example for our subjects. We must be OK with being photographed. And if you’re a street photographer like me, you have no choice but to like being photographed. We must taste our own medicine.

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Take Photos Fun 


Take Photos Fun. Taking photos of those who take other people’s
photos is even more fun. The next time you go out to shoot, look for
other shooters. Shoot the shooter and have fun.

Why do you shoot? Do you do it for fun or for profit?

I do it for fun.

Cheers, and have more fun today!

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Mhluzi Stadium 2011
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Middelburg 2010
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Mayoral Inauguration 2011
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Why is he shooting me?
Take pictures for fun
Cosatu 2010


Philemon Nkadimeng is a Street Photographer based in Mhluzi Township, South Africa. Contact him on his website or on Twitter. Check his Township Photos on Instagram.

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