Street Shooters Shoot Street Photography Because…


 Street Shooters Shoot Street Photography For Different Reasons

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Street shooters shoot street photography for personal reasons.

Shooting street photography is a personal pursuit. Street shooters shoot street photography for different reasons. As a street shooter, why do you shoot street photography?

Reading about why people shoot street photography always fascinates me. What I find even more fascinating is listening to practising street photographers explain why they shoot street photography.

That’s why I am so eager to find out why you shoot street photography.

In this blog post I’m going to share with you my reasons for shooting street photography. And I’m hoping this will motivate you to share with me your own reasons for doing the same. Deal?


But let me first tell you why Ross Wilson, Tyler Newcomb, Ryzzal Ali and Michael Ballai shoot street photography. 


Street Shooters Shoot For The Following Reasons:


“Why do you shoot street photography?”

I asked this question on Quora and these are the answers I got:

Ross Wilson:

“A good street photograph reveals a wonderful choreography that existence weaves into every moment and that seems to connote meaning in the most fleeting of otherwise unnoticed tenths of a second”

Ryzzal Ali:

“I do street photography because it captures the everyday scenes that is happening around us.”

Tyler Newcomb:

“When I do street photography I get this indescribable feeling of satisfaction. The diversity in street photography fascinates me and inspires me. Street photography opens my eyes to the world. Street photography is very intimate and personal to me. For me street photography is the only place I don’t have to please anyone or live up to expectations.”

Michael Ballai:

“It’s kind of like being on a hunt with no guarantees. You still hope to find some particular juxtaposition of people and objects. Sometimes there’s nothing more than some arrangement of objects. I’m a beggar and take what I find.”

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Why do you shoot street photography?

As A Street Shooter, I Shoot Street Photography Because…

There are many reasons why I shoot street photography.


Freedom to shoot what I like without worrying about pleasing anyone. The number one client in my street photography is no one but myself. That’s why I can afford to go out and shoot when I feel like it. No deadlines to meet. No client requirements to satisfy.

Freedom to shoot in Black and White. Freedom to shoot in Colour. Freedom to shoot in RAW or JPEG. Freedom to combine both formats and then decide later whether I want to spend more time in post processing or just a few minutes on my jpgs.

Freedom to shoot with any device I have. I can shoot street photography with a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex). I can do so with a Point-and-shoot or with a Smartphone. No one will say to me: ‘But I don’t like the quality of your smart phone photos’. If I’m happy with what my phone is capable of, that’s what I’ll use to do street photography.

My advice to new street photographers is: Take your time. There’s no need to rush. Learn street photography at your own pace.

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I shoot street photography because it makes me feel good

This is why I shoot street photography


I love street photography because it gives me a licence to shoot. To shoot anything and everything. I’m not restricted to shoot only street photography. Being a street photographer doesn’t stop me from shooting other genres.

In addition to street photography I also enjoy shooting Abstracts, and Urban Landscapes.

And I love shooting inanimate or still objects.


As a street photographer I love people. I love the human race. I love life and spend most of my time observing people as they go about their lives. Humanity never ceases to fascinate me.

Street photography gives me the chance to learn more about people. This learning never stops. Everytime I go out to shoot I learn something new. Even when I’m not shooting I still learn a lot by just observing people.

Sometimes I feel like an undercover police officer or a spy. I see things most people take for granted. I can spot a mugger before he sees me. I can predict people’s actions or movements without them noticing or being aware of my presence.

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Street shooters shoot to immortalize mundane activities

Street shooters shoot to immortalise mundane activities


Last but definitely not least, I shoot street photography because it brings me immense pleasure. The feeling I get each time I capture a great image is almost indescribable. It is a soul-soothing feeling that fills me with a sense of accomplishment.

The hallmark of a great street shot is that it’s unique in the sense that it cannot be replicated. Not even by the author.

Street photography is both an art and a craft. It makes me an artist and a craftsman all rolled into one. But I prefer to describe myself as an Observer of Human Behaviour.

There you are. I nailed my colours to the mast.

Now it’s your turn to tell me why you shoot street photography.

Use the comment section below and keep this conversation going.

You can also connect with me on Twitter and ask me any question about street photography.

I want to close this blog post with a BIG THANK YOU to these street shooters: Ross Wilson, Ryzzal Ali, Tyler Newcomb and Michael Ballai for inspiring me to write it. This they did by answering my question on Quora:

“Why Do You Shoot Street Photography?”

Thank you guys. Much appreciated.

Till next time.


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