What’s Your Take On Street Photography Workshops?


10 Street Photography Workshops To Consider In 2017

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Street Photography Workshops – Do you Like or Hate them?

I prefer to learn street photography at my own pace. I mean, I don’t like to be rushed. I want to take my time when learning. You might say that I’m a slow learner.

As an avid reader, I peruse online resources such as ebooks, blog posts, articles and videos courses to learn as much as I can. I also read hard copy books and photography magazines.

I’ve never taken, nor am I planning to take any street photography workshop with anyone.

My first encounter with photography was through a correspondence course in the early 1980s. I enrolled for what was called Expert Photography course and received lectures by snail mail. It took me ages to complete that course. But I did get my diploma eventually.

Perhaps this explains why I prefer to learn by reading.

How did you learn photography? What is your most preferred way of learning? For example, do you like audio, like podcasts? Or do you feel more comfortable watching videos, as in video tutorials?


I’m told that nothing beats one-to-one learning when it comes to photography. Especially Street Photography.

Which brings me to street photography workshops.


What’s your take on street photography workshops?

Have you attended any or are you planning to do so soon?


Street Photography Workshops in 2017

I decided to compile the following information because I thought it might be useful to those of you who are planning to take street photography workshops this year or in 2018.

If you’re one of those who prefer one-to-one mentoring, as in workshops, I hope you’ll like this blog post.


10 Top Street Photographers To Learn From in 2017


Depending on your budget, place or subject, you can learn from any of the following top street photographers:


  1. Spyros Papaspyropoulus

  2. Eric Kim

  3. Valerie Jardin

  4. James Maher

  5. John Free

  6. Ian MacDonald

  7. Linda Wisdom

  8. Dirty Harry

  9. Steve Simon

  10. Rinzi Ruiz


Spyros Papaspyropoulus


Spyros is offering a Flash Street Photography Workshop in Athens, Greece during March and April 2017. “Driven, creative, most of the times on the street in search for that perfect shot. Spyros Papaspyropoulos is a Street Photographer from Greece” – StreetHunters.net

Eric Kim

If you want to Conquer Your Fears in Street Photography, Eric Kim will be happy to teach you how to do that in New York during the weekend of 4-5 October 2017. I respect Eric for his generosity and vast knowledge of street photography.

Valerie Jardin

Valerie might be able to squeeze you in for a photo walk in Paris during the weekend of 29 September and 1 October.

“My passion for humankind drives me to shoot mostly street photography. I thrive on searching and waiting for just the right moment when a story unfolds in a single frame.” – Valerie Jardin

James Maher

For a 3-hour private NYC Photo Tour and Street Photography Workshop contact James Maher and choose your preferred date. 

“While I finished my degree, I spent my summers and the few years after graduation studying at the International Center for Photography and assisting for commercial photographers – until I decided to start my own photography business in 2006.” – James Maher

John Free

If I ever take a street photography workshop with anyone at all, it will be with this grandfather of street photography. I love his passion and knowledge of photography in general. John is, for me, simply the best.

For a private, one-to-one workshop with John in Los Angeles, contact him and indicate your preferred date.

“I am a social documentary photographer. I have taught classes and workshops at USC, UCLA, Pasadena City College, Newport Art Museum and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.” – John Free

Ian MacDonald 

If you’re concerned about the Legalities Of Street Photography you should consider taking a 20-hour workshop with Ian. He will be running this workshop on the weekend of 11th – 13th August 2017 in Vancouver, Canada.

Linda Wisdom

For those of you who want to learn to Shoot From The Heart and Mind, Linda offers 2-hour personalised workshops on the streets of London. Indicate your preferred date and this self-taught West Londoner will organise a 1-2-1 with you.

Dirty Harry (Charalampos Kydonakis)

This one is for intermediate to advanced street photographers who are prepared to Agree/Disagree about Taking/Making and Hunting/Gathering poetic story telling in street photography. It’s an In-Public street photography workshop planned for the weekend of 28 -30 April 2017. It will take place in New York where Dirty Harry will be working with Gus Powell.


Steve Simon

If you want to Live And Breath Photography in Tokyo, Japan, join “The Passionate Photographer” and Soichi Hayashi in Tokyo for an 8-day street photography Masterclass workshop on 23 March – 03 April 2017. Steve has been “capturing life as he encounters it in not less than 40 countries.

“Mostly deliberate, sometimes reckless
More physical, less cerebral
Love’s outdoors, hate’s cheese” – Soichi Hayashi


Rinzi Ruiz

“The one-on-one workshops are catered to you and what you specifically want to learn. After you register, I start by asking you a few questions by email that will help me learn a little about you and plan the topics and aspects of street photography that you would like to learn and focus on. On the day of the one-on-one, we’ll meet in Downtown Los Angeles and start by discussing the topics of the day and then go for a photo walk so I can walk you through and apply the lessons for the day.” – Rinzi Ruiz

Choose a date that suits you and Rinzi will teach you How To See the Light in Los Angeles.



As I pointed out at the beginning of this blog post, I learn photography differently. I guess you too have your own preferred way of learning. I’m just curious to find out what that is. Do you like street photography workshops? Or do you enjoy listening to podcasts.

Please let me know how you feel about street photography workshops.

You can DM me on Twitter or leave a comment below.

Till next time, Cheers.




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