Mobile Street Photography: Your Smart Phone Is The Best Camera


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Let me guess, you have your smart phone with you now. It is in your pocket. Or in your bag/purse.

Some of you guys are reading this blog post on your smart phones. You’re playing games, reading the news or watching Saturday Night Live – on your smart phone.

Today I want to share with you some of my photos taken with a smart phone. No, it’s not an iPhone or Samsung S7.

I used my old and trusted Android powered smart phone. I fact, I used two different phones to take these snapshots.

Yes, they’re just snapshots.

Don’t take them too seriously. I’m sharing them just for fun. To show you what goes on in my part of the world.

I decided to leave them in colour without converting any of the photos into black and white.

I’m hoping that this will inspire you to shoot more with your smart phone if you’re not doing so already.

I know of one or two people who shoot with nothing else but their iPhones. Elif Suyabatmaz is famous for shooting with her iPhone. The other is Michael Rammell. Well, Michael is a professional wedding photographer and he uses real cameras for his more serious assignments.

As a street photographer, I find it easier to shoot with my phone than with a real camera. This is because I carry my phone with me all the time.

And most people do the same. When I take my phone out in a crowd to shoot, no one raises an eye brow. But when I take out a real camera in a public place to shoot, people will start asking why I take pictures.

As a result, I want to shoot more with my smart phone and less with a real camera this year. It is also easy to share my work on social media immediately after a photo walk.

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Mobile street photography 3.jpg
Worshippers – Middelburg, Mpumalanga


Traditional Zulu Regalia


The Working Class



Sky Blue Umbrella


Rich Man Poor Man


Red Shoes



Looking In


In Memoriam



Gate 17


Existential Aloneness


Discarded Sneaker

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