Conquer Your Fears of Shooting Street Photography

Street Photography is almost synonymous with fear. The idea of photographing complete strangers without saying a word to them is frightening.

It’s scary because it’s considered anti-social in some parts of the world.


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Philemon Nkadimeng – Conquer your fears of shooting street photography

Conquer Your Fears Of Shooting Street Photography


If you’re interested in Street Photography and want to learn how to get rid of that nagging fear, consider this blog your home.

Please bookmark this blog and let’s roam the streets together.

I was almost killed by a rampaging, blood-thirsty mob who forced me to delete my photos or else. So I know what fear is. I know what being afraid means.

This experience catapulted me into Street Photography and I made it my goal to practice and write about this often misunderstood genre of photography.


Conquer Fears Of Shooting Street Photography – Learn At Your Own Pace


Shooting the streets is not easy. It’s terrifying at times. But it’s also hugely rewarding, therapeutic¬†and soul-soothing.

I want to help new street photographers to enjoy this purest form of photography without fear. You can learn to deal with this fear at your own pace. There’s no pressure.

Being fearless doesn’t mean violating the rights of other people. It doesn’t mean being disrespectful. Or believing that your rights are superior to those of others.

On this blog, I will show you how to conquer your fears of shooting street photography and how to stay out of trouble when things go awry.

Most importantly, though, you’ll learn how to avoid getting into trouble in the first place. Prevention is better than cure.

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