About Me

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Philemon Nkadimeng Street Photographer in South Africa


Street photography is a style of photography. Every street photographer should have a style. Style in street photography tells the world who you are.

As street photographers we all have our own styles. It comes with the territory. What’s your own street photography style? How would you define it to a complete beginner?

Beginners in street photography struggle to find or recognise their own styles. They don’t know how to develop a style. Or how to refine their own unique personal style.

This is where nkadipix.com comes in.

My goal is to help you discover, develop and refine your own distinguishable unique style as a  street photographer.

If you’re new here, please start with my definition of style.


E-mail mystreetpix@gmail.com

Twitter @streettogza

+27 063 342 6141