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Philemon Nkadimeng – Street Photography Blogger

My name is Philemon Nkadimeng and I’m a Street Photography Blogger
living and shooting in South Africa.

If you love street photography as much as I do, (and I know you do,
because you’re reading this) please bookmark my blog and make it your home.

I write about Street Photography from an African Perspective. As an
African and a South African in particular, I have a unique take on this
genre. But I’m more interested in giving you a slice of life in my country.

Through my images, you’ll have a glimpse of what life is like in the
Southern Tip of Africa.

Please subscribe to my blog for future updates. I post once a week,
(usually on Mondays) because I also have a day job to pay the bills.

Sometimes I push the Street Photography envelope a little, to invoke
reaction and to learn more about this topic.