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Mhluzi Township Photo Tour Guide

Discover Mhluzi Township through the eyes of a local photographer. Shoot like a local while enjoying township hospitality and learning about life in the township. Let me be your guide for an hour or a day. I’ve lived in Mhluzi for more than three decades and will show you around at your own pace.

Photography is a passion through which I explore Mhluzi Township. Join me and share in this wonderful experience.

“For instance, if I were to ever visit South Africa, I know of a passionate street photographer there (again by way of Twitter) whom I’d love to meet and talk shop with. Philemon Nkadimeng lives in the city of Middleburg in the Mpumalanga province. His website is geared towards teaching street photography to beginners with special emphasis on street photography conducted in South Africa. As someone who has never visited SA let alone shot street photography there, I wouldn’t think of doing some without consulting with Philemon for several reasons, general safety tips being of prime importance. He addresses practical considerations like this too for foreigners and his South Africans neighbors alike. His website is a great place to start to get to know him and what it’s like to shoot street photography in SA. He’s running a street photography workshop there in January 2018 which I’d recommend to foreigners with an interest in discovering South Africa through the street photographer’s lens. Check him out.”

– Craig Boehman, Streettog.org

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