24 Street Photography Blogs That Will Make You A Better Shooter


I get my Street Photography fix from reading these 24 Street Photography Blogs. 


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24 Street Photography Blogs that will make you a better shooter

Check them out to see if you like them. I suggest you bookmark at least 5 of these to follow and read on an ongoing basis. I strongly recommend  Street Hunters, The Inspired Eye, Street Photography Magazine, American Suburb X ShooterFiles and of course the one and only Eric Kim.


Here’s a list of 24 Street Photography Blogs that will make you a better shooter.

In no particular order:

Burn Magazine

Street Shootr

The Satorialist

Street Observations

Black and White Street


Jonathan Auch

Side Walk Shadows

VIVO Collective

The Leica Camera Blog

Markus Hartel

Dirty Harry

Severin Kohler

121 Clicks

Invisible Photographer Asia

Danny Santos

Street photography London

Street Photographer


If you can’t bookmark 5 street photography blogs from this list, please do me a huge favour:

Bookmark just 1 Street Photography Blog.


That of Eric Kim.


You’ll learn a lot from Eric.

I know I have.

The first street photography blog I came across on the Internet was that of Eric.

He’s a good communicator.

When I read his blog posts I feel like he’s talking to me.

I used to spend hours reading Eric Kim.

And I’m impressed by his generosity of spirit and his vast knowledge of photography in general and street photography in particular.

No. I’ve never attended any of Eric’s workshops.

And I don’t think I ever will.

Unless he decides to run a workshop in South

Street Hunters is another street photography resource you can’t afford to miss if you’re interested in street photography.

I like Spyros’ work and his contribution to this website. Among the features that you’ll find interesting on Street Hunters is a list of The Most Influential Street Photographers today.

How many of these 24 Street Photography Blogs are you familiar with?

Which ones are your favourite and why?

Do you know of other street photography related blogs that can help my readers improve their skills faster?

If so, please list them in the comment section below.

Include the links if you don’t mind.

That’ll make it easier for my readers to check them out.

As you know, I’m also on Twitter and you can connect with me there for a chat.

I hope you find this list of 24 Street Photography Blogs useful.

Till next time.





3 Replies to “24 Street Photography Blogs That Will Make You A Better Shooter”

  1. thanks for this list. some I already knew, some I did not. You may find some more and other interesting stuff on my wordpress blog Engage the Street which i’m always looking to develop further.

    1. Hey Andy.

      Thanks for your comment. I’m glad you found something new on this list. Do you have any favourite street photography blogger?

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